My purpose is to refine myself thorough my experiences and choices so I can grow, enjoying the process along the way.  I share the stories of my experiences and how they propel me forward to help others do the same.

I am a public servant, Mom, wife, student, cancer survivor, lover of Thai food, and snowboarder.  And you can’t keep me from tearing off my shoes and heading straight for the water whenever I’m near the ocean.  Or a lake.  Or a river.  That’s probably from my New Zealand upbringing.

I value integrity and a strong work ethic.  I seek continuous improvement in myself, my work, and my relationships.  I believe in perseverance, but that doesn’t mean just trying harder.  If there are inexplicable obstacles and a gut feeling I’m headed in the wrong direction, I’m not afraid to re-evaluate and change course if necessary.

I have a diverse work history.  I studied Accounting at the University of Auckland and interned at Spicer & Oppenheim Chartered Accountants, but my career hasn’t taken the typical linear path of an accountant.  I’ve serviced loans for a timeshare company, managed a payment processing center, owned a trophy business, and implemented computer software.

I currently manage the Administrative Services Division of the Nevada Department of Transportation. My division procures over $540 million in construction and professional services contracts annually, performs records management, provides facilities management services, and issues over-dimensional trucking permits.  The duties are broad and one day is never the same as the next, which is perfect for me.  I enjoy the problem-solving element of my job the most: each issue is a jigsaw puzzle in disarray and I figure out how to bring the pieces back together.  To be an effective manager I am required to understand myself, my strengths and my weaknesses.  Then I can help others to do the same, and together we can achieve excellence.

I’m constantly seeking out new experiences, which puts me in touch with a wide variety of people and circumstances.  I want to be fully involved in life, not just watching it go by.  Life took on a whole new level of focus for me in 2014 when I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.  I share about this and other experiences in my blog.


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