Support Through a Diagnosis (Part III)

Continued from Support Through a Diagnosis and Support Through a Diagnosis (Part II)

My boss was supportive.  He allowed me to take whatever time I needed to visit doctors, get second opinions, have and recover from my surgery.  But more than that he always gave me the sense that he had my back: it went beyond me simply being his employee and extended to a deeper level of caring.  He offered to help me in any way he could.

My employees and co-workers were supportive.  The managers in the sections I oversee took on additional responsibilities in preparation for me being out of the office for an extended period of time (it ended up being 4 weeks).  They stepped up and took over many of the tasks I might typically be involved in.  Everyone chipped in and bought me a gift basket full of “surgery care” items: slippers, a blanket, chapstick, makeup wipes, moisturizer and the like.  They presented it to me as a group, showing a united front of support.  It was very touching to be the recipient of this thoughtful group gesture.

Get Well CardMy friend stocked my freezer with several meals.  It was incredibly helpful and very practical.  After my surgery my Mum stayed with me for two weeks and my boyfriend took excellent care of me.  They both helped take care of my two kids, including cooking dinner.  But having those freezer meals was great when life got too busy and everyone needed a night off.  Other friends sent me beautiful, uplifting cards.  My children made encouraging cards for me.

The support I received from my family, boyfriend, friends, co-workers and boss all helped to form a circle of support.  No one form of support was more important than the other.  Each played its part in giving me strength and motivation to press on, be positive, and know I was going to be OK both physically and emotionally.

Do you have a practical way you’ve supported someone having surgery?  I’d love to hear what you did.  Please leave a comment.


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