Support Through a Diagnosis

Support says,”Good bras and good friends are supportive. Whether it’s an object or a person, anything or anyone supportive helps things hold up.”  Throughout my thyroid cancer journey I surrounded myself with people who held me up.

My boyfriend (he’s now my fiancé), my family, and my best friend were all a great source of support as I navigated the maze of doctors, tests, decisions, judgments and choices.

My boyfriend was very supportive.  I talked about cancer when I wanted to talk about it, but he didn’t pepper me with questions, tell me about all the research he’d been doing and compare notes, force me to talk about it, or let it dominate our existence.  He quietly sat beside me, held me when I cried, held my hand when he could sense I was worried, talked through the medical decisions and possibilities, came to every appointment, and gently encouraged me to share my feelings about what I was going through.

However, he made it very clear he wasn’t too hot on the idea of alternative therapies when a full thyroidectomy could take care of the matter swiftly and most likely completely.  He wasn’t interested in a long, drawn out treatment plan.  A full removal had big advantages with comparatively small risks.  I appreciated his honesty and his input.  I also appreciated the fact that he would respect whatever decision I made and support me no matter what treatment I chose.  I was also put on notice that it would be much harder for him to support me through a non-surgical treatment.  Fair enough.

If you’ve been supported through a medical diagnosis or helped someone else through theirs, I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment.

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